Power Magic Ultra B-130X



Enjoy the unique benefits of BlackVue’s Intelligent Parking Mode by adding a Power Magic Pro to your set-up. Parking Mode continues to provide power to your camera when your vehicle is switched off, providing enhanced security by recording anything that happens when you’re not around.

The Power Magic Battery B-130X is an advanced mobile power source that charges when the vehicle is running and provides continuous 12V or 24V power when parked overnight.

When the vehicle’s ignition is switched off and the car is unattended, the BlackVue dash cam will automatically enter Parking Mode, monitoring events and only recording footage when triggered by motion or impact. The B-130X uses LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and can withstand extreme temperatures, go through more charge cycles, and is kinder to the environment than a traditional Lithium-ion battery.

  • Automatically powers BlackVue dash cams in Parking Mode
  • Hardwire or plug & play via cigarette lighter socket
  • Extended Operation – up to 24 hours of constant recording
  • 12V/24V for cars and commercial vehicles
  • 40 mins charge time when hardwired, 80 mins via cigarette lighter socket
  • Battery Manager App for iOS & Android
  • 5V USB Output for accessory charging
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