iRoad X30 (1440P)


This product is available as 1CH/2CH & 3CH

The iRoad X30 is capable of having up to 3 channels (main camera and up to 2 other additional camera) choose between an internal IR camera, interior rear facing camera or an external rear camera. You can also have 2 external cameras and the main front facing camera if you wish.

High-Quality Footage

By applying the Sony Starvis sensor to both the front and rear cameras of the iRoad X30, the image quality is significantly enhanced, particularly during night-time recording. The sensor delivers clearer and more vivid colours in QHD images, ensuring superior image quality in low light conditions. It's worth noting the front camera records in QHD, while the rear camera records in FHD, providing you with clear and detailed footage from both angles.

Taxi Recommended Option


Front + Rear + Interior

In the case of taxi or ride-share drivers especially, who often face safety concerns while working, IROADUK recommends using the IR Interior Camera as the 3rd channel option.


The IR Interior camera records in FHD and is equipped with infrared LEDs which allow the recording of high quality footage even in low-light conditions.


Offering a wide view (140°) of the inside of the cabin, the IR camera is a necessity for recording any potential incident happening inside of the vehicle, providing essential proof in case of a dispute.

Truck & Van Recommended Option


Front + Interior + Exterior

The Exterior Waterproof Rear Camera is the best 3rd channel choice for vehicles with no rear windshield, such as large commercial vehicles and campervans.


The 20m length cable ensures a comfortable installation of the camera, while the IP69K IP rate proves its high resistance to external environment factors (dust, moisture, liquids, etc). The infrared LEDs ensure clear recordings, even in low-light environments.


The 155 ° angle lens offers a wide angle of view and minimises blind spots, ensuring all scenes that can be seen through the front windshield are completely recorded.


In order to protect the vehicle battery from discharging, the dash camera detects when the battery’s voltage drops below a set point and automatically shuts down. The voltage cut-off point can be adjusted in the camera’s Settings.


The IROAD X30 model is built to endure both high and low temperatures in order to keep the device running smoothly. The high-temperature protection function makes the device automatically turn off in case of overheating, protecting both the device and the stored data.


The file system improved in stability by utilising the IVS system. Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit and art much safer than previously-used formats. IVS format does not require regular format and the automatic rebooting function guarantees the safety of the device and data.

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